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Kevin Prince, of approached us to develop a marketing plan to drive more traffic to his website. After reviewing his old site we had no choice but to tell him: "I'm really sorry, but your current platform doesn't give us the ability to properly market your site". At first Kevin was confused; He had received two other quotes promising him the world. We explained the reasons why a full-fledged marketing plan wouldn't have the impact he wanted; he had the confirmation he needed.

Kevin made the decision to have us design and program his brand new, subscription based, video streaming site.

A huge thanks to Grey Sky Media; my students and I love the new website, it's so easy to use! The responsive and increased traffic and has been phenomenal! Getting featured in Drum! Magazine was just the cherry on top!- Kevin Prince,

BCM Contruction

Every so often we have the opportunity to work with other agencies, designers, developers and collaborators. BCM Construction was one of those projects. The folks over at Profile came up with the concept for BCM's new branding and website.

We received the mockups and immediately went to work brainstorming a couple responsive layout ideas. Once our designs were approved we went to work coding and programming the site. A short time later BCM Construction is ready to launch!

Everyone loves our new website. It looks great, loads great... and is FAST.
- Nick Starnes
BCM Contruction


Anyone who knows Mike knows just how giving this guy is. He's always available to answer questions, knows EVERYTHING about water photography, and is willing to go the extra mile.

Mike came to us to overcome two hurdles: 1) create a responsive, mobile friendly eCommerce website, and 2) build a camera waterhousing configurator to take the work out of figuring out which parts pro photographers need to keep their cameras safe in the water.

Grey Sky Media has been a pleasure to work with in the design and implementation of our new website. The entire staff at Grey Sky has been very responsive to our needs during the entire process, and our new website is a huge hit with all who see it.

The SEO work done on the back end is paying off as I've seen our search engine rankings rising towards the top, out pacing our competition. I would highly recommend Grey Sky Media to anyone who wants a cutting edge, highly responsive website!"- Mike Waggoner,

California Carpets & Design Center

California Carpets was in need of a website. They wanted something clean, fresh and modern— and they came to the right place.

Dustin gave us the opportunity to create a tool that they could use to show off not only the great products they source, but their people too. In a commodity driven industry it really comes down to the people.

Stay tuned for the new and improved, launching winter 2014.

What really struck me was how Grey Sky Media was able to take all our input and comments and get it. They really understand what we are about. Somehow they took 'us', and turned 'us' into a breathtakingly simple, yet elegant marketing website.-Dustin Ogden
California Carpets & Design Center


This was a fun one and the epitome of a webapp.

First off, let me say, I am in awe of those who generate and file the paperwork required to commission a building. Bradly Brooks took a very complex, expensive and time consuming process and, with our help, built a system that allows almost anyone to put together all the required documents within minutes and at a fraction of the cost.

Grey Sky Media was outstanding in developing and deploying our web application and presented us with various options to keep within our project scope, budget, and schedule.
-Bradley Brooks, Principal,
Cx Docs & Cx Solutions